Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to the Back Roads

I do not care for the main roads. I prefer the quiet avenues, the residential mazes, the back alleys. I suspect I learned this inclination from my mother, who has always been set on finding the Road Less Traveled, whether she's mapping her route to work or exploring unknown territory. If it's a freeway, she won't be entering. If it has a stoplight, she'll look for other options. If it's lined with trees, hidden houses, and a little windy, it's my mama's road.

It took me a while to love LA because when I first moved here, all I could really see was the beaten path: The Walk of Fame, the studios, the ocean, the overwhelming presence of celebrity and hype. But gradually, through the help of friends, family, and my own growing urge to explore, I have found the back roads. Now I'm not sure I ever want to leave.

I am writing this blog in part as a tribute to my beautiful LA County, with it's limitless possibilities. I am also writing it in the hopes that it will aid others. LA stereotypes aside, not all 20-somethings here are zeroed in on "LA's hottest" this and "Hollywood's hippest" that. And not all travelers find celebrity hand prints cool enough to merit the cost of the flight out here.

So bring me your maps, folks. I'll highlight the back roads.

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